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clinica 32 Dental Implants

Dental implant is the ideal solution to replacing one or more missing teeth.

32 Clinic awaits you with a wide range of implants, with a team of specialists surgeons, in a pleasant and very sterile environment.

The cutting edge technology available to the clinic due to the European funds and the vast implantologists doctors’ experience makes the implant’s insertion procedure to be painless while performed in a very short time. Depending on the medical and financial situation, a dental implant will cost more than is strictly needed to restore your smile!



Very stable and having been used with confidence for more than 25 years, Ankylos implant is the aesthetic and safe solution for almost any clinical situation.

Implant dental ankylos

The advantages of this implant are the fallowing:

  • ensures flawless aesthetics on long term, teeth maintaining their natural look for many years, due to the aesthetic abutment, which ensures an optimum thickness of the gum and a good dental papilla support.
  • there is no more space for any bacteria to penetrate, because the abutment adapts perfectly to the implant via a conical connection, achieving practically a "cold welding"
  • the implant stability is very good due to its shape
  • Enables the immediate loading ONE DAY IMPLANT ONE DAY IMPLANT

Straumann Roxolid

Straumann Roxolid

It is the newest implant with the hydrophobic surface treatment witch ensures a shorter bone integration period of 2-3 months

Implant dental straumann


  • Shorter waiting time
  • Quick and painless healing
  • Easy to insert
  • It is more mechanically persistent than other titanium implants
  • It is very thin, 3.3mm diameter, and can be used in molars and premolars area without any need for addition bone structure.


Zimmer Metal Trabecular implant is the latest breakthrough in dental implantation, being the only three-dimensional structure implant (3D).

Implant dental zimmer

After having used for a decade the trabecular structure metal in orthopedics (in high stress areas, hip, knee), Zimmer introduces this revolution in technology and in dental implantation. EIt is especially suitable for use in patients at high risk, such as:

  • patients who have suffered myocardial infarction
  • patients with an advanced form of periodontal disease
  • diabetic patients
  • patients with very soft bone (IV type)
  • patients who smoke excessively

Megagen Anyridge

The Anyridge implant has an active spiral design which makes it very stable in any situation.

Implant dental anyridge


  • can replace any type of tooth
  • very persistent in the molars region
  • very stable in situations where the bone is not of good quality
  • enables immediate loading ONE DAY IMPLANT
  • allows the prosthesis fixation on implants by lessors
  • very good aesthetic results

Implantium Superline

Implantium implants are manufactured in South Korea by the Dentium Co. LTD company.

Implant dentare implantium

The implants have a SLA surface, which offers on excellent osseointegration . Also, studies have shown excellent results in terms of marginal bone loss around the implant due to SLA surface implants.


  • Quick Integration
  • Precision in connection
  • Very good system for keeping dentures on implants
  • Zirconium abutments for very good aesthetics

Implant Direct

This system is widely used in the United States.

Implant dental implant-direct

Recommended for:

  • any type of tooth replacement
  • dental bridges on implants attainment
  • prostheses attachment on fixed implants with staples, lessors or a bar with riders

Alpha Bio

They are produced in Israel and are among the most used in Romania, being able to replace any tooth, but we recommend them particularly for:

Implant dental alpha bio

  • a singular premolar
  • two neighbors teeth that will have jointed crowns
  • dental bridges on dental implants
  • mobile prostheses fixed on dental implants with staples, lessors or a bar with riders


Like Alpha Bio, these implants are produced in Israel and are among the most used in Romania, they can replace any tooth, but we recommend them particularly for:

Implant dentare adin

  • a singular premolar
  • two neighbours teeth that will have jointed crowns
  • dental bridges on dental implants
  • mobile prostheses fixed on dental implants with staples, lessors or a bar with riders


The surgery step

The surgery step is a painless stage due to the use of anesthesia or sedation methods. Sedation is recommended when the patient has a dentist phobia. If the sedation is used, we recommend the patient to come accompanied by someone, beacuse in the following hours, after the surgery, the patient will be a little dizzy and therefore not able to drive the car. During the surgery the following steps taken: Surgical stage steps »

The prosthetic steps

The prosthetic step is the stage where the dental crown it will be done by our specialists doctors in dental prosthetic. The prosthetic step »

Surgical stage steps

  1. The bone is unrapped through the gum’s incision.
  2. After the bone has been unrapped the ridge is smoother if sharp.
  3. Position the template guide is positioned and the implant space in the bone is created.
  4. The space is widened for the implant placement.
  5. The bone is prepared for a thicker than necessary implant.
  6. The implant is insert with a handkey.
  7. The implant is placed at the bone level or 1 mm under the ridge.
  8. The covering screw is mounted.
  9. The gum suture will be made.
  10. One week after the surgery, the patient will return to the clinic for the suture removal.
  11. Following a waiting period of 3-6 months, during which the implant will integrate into the bone.

The prosthetic step

  1. After the waiting period of 3-6 months the implant is uncovered and a healing abutment is being placed.
  2. It takes 1-2 weeks for the gums to heal.
  3. The dental impression for the final crown is taken
  4. The final prosthetic abutment together with the dental crown are mounted.
  5. Dental implant warranty is valid as long as the patient follow the rules of oral hygiene and professional cleaning (scaling, brushing, airflow) every 6-12 months.

Sinus lift surgery

 There are cases where dental implants can not be inserted until the sinus lift surgery is performed. As it name indicates, the sinus lift surgery is an intervention that aims to raise the membrane of the maxillary sinus in order to add an amount of bone quantity, that is required for the implant insertion, because the implant is inserted into the bone . The maxillary sinus is a cavity located in the upper jaw, is filled with air and communicates with the nasal cavity and the other sinuses 

The cause leading to sinus lift surgery is represented by dental extractions performed in the past, once a tooth being extracted, the bone holding it starts to be absorbed. Therefore, 3 years from the extraction, bone is reabsorbed in 60%, making impossible the implant insertion without the bone addition, or more precisely the sinus lift surgery.



Fix all in one day!

Dental Implant

Provisional aesthetic abutment

Provisional composite crown

Only for the frontal and the premolar region


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