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Have you considered putting dentures?


32 Clinic awaits you with a wide range of dentures, with a team of medical specialists, in a pleasant and very sterilised environment.

Dentures are mobile prosthetic works for filling missing teeth. Dentures, partial or total, is a solution to replace several teeth or all teeth.

Although it can not give the same feeling as natural teeth, and require a time of adjustment, with a careful and thoughtful planing, even dentures can have a natural look. Dentures are used to replace teeth ever since the Pyramids building time.

Well done dentures will make you look good, allowing you to eat almost everything without any embarrassment and will restore the facial contour around the mouth.

Skeletal prostheses are made from a tough alloy, cast in the laboratory and are very comfortable and resistant. Skeletal dentures can have a special attaching systems (clasps, staple, telescopes) and thus are very well fixed, being removed form the mouth only for sanitation.

If the special systems are checked once a year and damaged silicone sockets are replaced, they can last evan for 30 years.

Conventional full denture is made from an acrylic rigid base, similar to gums, and a complete set of false teeth from acrylic material.

Total prosthesis provides multiple benefits:

  • patients can chew better and can eat diversified
  • improves the pronunciation
  • the prosthesis is a lips and cheeks support
  • maintains jaw and gums health
  • gives back the patient’s smile

Dentures on implants is a modern method of treatment, which aims to replace discomfort and dissatisfaction both in functional and psychological terms, caused by wearing a classic denture that moves.

The implants are used to fix unstable dentures, with witch you can not bite. The Dentures can be fixed by implants with staples, lessors or a bar with riders.

The steps to mount dentures on implants are:

  • implants revealing and healing cap mounting
  • impression on implants with impression devices
  • mounting the dentures special attaching systems on implants
  • the total acrylate teeth prosthesis done at a specialised laboratory
  • the dentures final retouches and adaptations after its implementation


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