Coronal lengthening can be a first step towards a harmonious smile

Emanuel Kolanovschi

Periodontal microsurgery intervention that restores the balance between the soft and hard test, in the frontal area, is called gingivo-alveoloplasty or lengthening coronary, and Dr. Emanuel Kolanovschi -medic stomatologist, dento-alveolar surgery, explains in this article what this intervention entails.

One of the most common reasons for gummy smile is eruptionpassive, i.e. the gingival margins are positioned coronally compared to the physiological position. This causes the coronal portion of the tooth to become short in relation to the soft tissue, cause the smile to become unsightly.

Gingivo-alveoloplasty it is done with the help of reduction guides, planned in 3D digital. Their use allows the doctor to carry out the surgical intervention according to well-established benchmarks and so that the final result is the desired one.

The intervention is minimally invasive, performed under local anesthesia in one session session, the duration of the intervention being proportional to the number of teeth and complexity the intervention. 

The removal of the gingival tissue is carried out with the help of the dental laser, so that bleeding is minimal and healing clearly superior to classic intervention. 

Postoperative pain and edema are minimal, recovery is easy, and the indications are easy to follow respected.

The therapeutic goal of the intervention is to improve the aesthetics of the smile by obtaining a harmonious line of the gingival zenith and by restoring the correct proportions of dental crowns.

Restoration of aesthetic balance it may be realize through multiple procedures, and the of gingival remodeling is a solution excellency for many patientssimultaneously through This one intervention the face becomes bright through disclosure May RANGE of the dentition.

Into the within a consultationsPATIENT them it show into the procedure detail,  benefit from concrete examples of the type before and after treatment and their I can preview the final result.

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