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Official Promotion Regulations
"16 years Clinic 32"


Art. 1. The organizer

The organizer of the promotion is Clinica 32, the trade name of SC Clinica 32 SRL, Romanian legal entity, having its registered office in Bucharest, B-Dul Banu Manta 79A, Sector 1, Bucharest, with serial number in the Trade Register J40 / 3300/2005, code tax registration number 17263249, legally represented by Răzvan Boberis, as Administrator, and hereinafter any reference will be made under the name "Organizer" or "Clinic 32"

Participants in the promotion are obliged to comply with the terms and conditions of the Official Rules, as set out below (hereinafter referred to as the "Official Rules").

The Official Regulation is available to any participant in the Campaign, for consultation, at any of the working points of the Clinics 32 and on the website  

Clinic 32 reserves the right to modify or change these Official Regulations, following that such changes will enter into force only after the prior notice of presentation of these changes on the website  

        Art 2. Description Promotion

2.1. In this promotion, Clinic 32 grants a reduction of 50 euros for new patients of Clinic 32 and a reduction of 5% for existing patients of Clinic 32, under the conditions provided in art. 3. The discounts are valid for any chosen dental service, from the consultation to the most complex digital dental implant.

2.2. The discounts are granted between December 6, 2021 - January 14, 2022, only in the working points in Banu Manta Boulevard no. 79A or 3 Scărlătescu Street, in Bucharest, based on the appointments made by patients between December 6-8, 2021.

        Art. 3. Beneficiaries of the Promotion. mechanism Promotion

3.1. The promotion is open to the participation of individuals, Romanian citizens, with domicile or residence, even temporary, in Romania, visitors of Clinica 32 offices, Clinica 32 Facebook page, Clinica 32 Instagram profile or visitors of the site who I make an appointment in Clinic 32 between December 6-8, 2021.

        By subscribing to the Promotion, each participant - individual, guarantees:
        - that he is over 18 years old,
        - that it has full and unaffected capacity for use and exercise.

3.2. The following persons do not have the right to participate in this Promotion:

  1. the foremen (including but not limited to employees) of the Organizer.
  2. family members of the foremen mentioned above (consisting of children, parents, spouse, brother-in-law);
  3. persons under the age of 18, age before the calendar date of participation in the Promotion.

3.3. The promotion does not combine with other vouchers or promotional campaigns.

3.4. The discount granted is nominal and non-transferable.

3.5. If the Organizer considers that a certain participation is suspected of fraud, he reserves the right to cancel it, with the obligation to motivate the cancellation decision and to notify the participant in advance.

3.6. If a participant refuses to benefit from the reduction, as described in the Official Regulation, he or she will lose the right to be granted the reduction.

3.7. The organizer considers the entry in the promotion as an implicit acceptance of this Regulation and considers any data regarding the participant, provided by him, are true and correct. In the event of any discrepancies in this data being discovered, the Organizer will not consider that participation valid and will cancel the right to benefit from the discount, without any other compensation or payment.

3.8. In order to benefit from the discount, any patient must request an appointment at any of the 32 Clinics in Bucharest, by any accepted method of communication - phone in the Call Center Clinic 32 at the numbers displayed in the promotion announcement or on the clinic's website, message via contact forms from the website, physical presentation in any of Clinics 32 - Banu Manta Boulevard no. 79A or 3 Scărlătescu Street, sector 1, Bucharest. Scheduling must be confirmed by both parties. Appointments may be outside the scope of the Promotion, but not later than January 14, 2022, for any dental service, from consultation to the most complex digital dental implant.

3.9. Clinic 32 will confirm the appointment by phone, SMS or e-mail, through the communication channel chosen by the patient, based on the contact details provided by him, within the availability of the medical staff of the clinic.

3.10. The discount will be granted during the patient's visit to the clinic based on previous appointments. The discount is granted only once, for any dental service provided by Clinic 32 within the respective schedule.

3.11. In the case of dental services for which the related cost is higher than the discount granted, the patient will pay the difference at the reception, at the end of the appointment, by payment by card or cash. For dental services whose cost is less than the reduction granted, the difference is not carried forward.

        Art.4. Period etand locaţia de desfI wouldwish a promotion

4.1. The promotion will take place in Clinics 32 from Banu Manta Boulevard no. 79A and Scărlătescu Street no. 3, Sector 1, Bucharest, on the Facebook page of Clinica 32, Instagram profile of Clinica 32 and the website between 06.12.2021 - 08.12.2021, the period in which the appointments will be made for which the patients can benefit from the discounts offered, regardless of the dental service chosen for the appointment.

4.2. The discount will be granted, under the conditions specified in this Regulation, to all patients who make an appointment between December 6-8, 2021, and the appointments will be set no later than January 14, 2022.

4.3. Discounts will be given only once, for the first appointment set by a patient. 

        Art.5. protectionţtake personal data

       By signing up for the promotion, participants express their unequivocal consent for their personal data to be stored, used and processed by Clinic 32 and by its partners according to the Privacy Policy available at Clinic 32 guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data of all participants.

1. Categories of personal data processed in the Promotion:

During the Promotion, the Organizer will collect from the participants the following categories of personal data:

a) Name and surname;

b) Telephone;

c) Date of birth

The date of birth is collected only in order to be able to verify if the age of the Participants is according to the Regulations, ie 18 years old at the time of registration in the Promotion.

2. Purpose of processing:

The personal data of the participants in the Promotion will be processed by the Organizer in order to:

a) Organizing and conducting the Promotion;

b) Designation and validation of appointments, granting discounts;

c) Fulfilling the fiscal and financial accounting obligations of the Organizer.

3. The legal basis of the processing

The data will be processed on the basis of consent and / or legitimate interest, by the acceptance by the data subject of the Regulation and its annexes, in order to fulfill the legal obligations incumbent on the organizer in the context of the promotion, including tax obligations and archiving matter. The data processing is necessary for the development of the promotion, the observance of the legal requirements and those of the promotion regulations, as well as for the granting of the discounts. Refusal to provide data may result in the inability of the organizers to comply with their legal obligations and their inability to provide you with services.

4. Recipients of personal data

The personal data collected during the Promotion by the Organizer will be disclosed only internally for the provision of services as well as to the authorities, in cases where the organizer must comply with the obligations imposed by the legislation in force.

The data of the participants will be processed as much as necessary to achieve the processing purposes mentioned above.

5. Period of storage of personal data

The personal data of the participants will be stored by the Organizer according to the applicable legal provisions in financial-accounting matters (eg in the case of financial-accounting supporting documents for which the retention period provided by law is 10 years from the end of the year during which they were drawn up).

Upon expiration of the storage period of personal data, the Operator will delete / destroy this data from the means of processing and storage

6. The rights of data subjects

 In order to ensure a fair and transparent processing, the Organizer ensures to the participants, during the Contest, the following rights:

a) the right to information - according to which the data subject has the right to obtain information on the identity of the operator, the purpose for which the data is processed, as well as any other additional information required by law

b) the right of access to data - according to which the data subject has the right to obtain from the Organizer, upon request and free of charge the confirmation of the fact that the data concerning him are or are not processed by the Organizer

c) the right to intervene on the data - according to which the data subject has the right to obtain from the Organizer, upon request and free of charge: a) as the case may be, rectification, updating, blocking or deleting data whose processing is not in accordance with especially incomplete or inaccurate data; b) as the case may be, the transformation into anonymous data of the data whose processing is not in accordance with the law; c) the notification to third parties to whom the data have been disclosed, of any operation carried out if such notification does not prove impossible or does not involve a disproportionate effort compared to the legitimate interest that could be harmed

d) the right of opposition - according to which the data subject has the right to oppose at any time, free of charge and without any justification, that the data concerning him be processed for direct marketing purposes, on behalf of the operator or a third party , or be disclosed to third parties for such purposes, unless otherwise provided by law

e) the right not to be subject to an individual decision - according to which the data subject has the right to request and obtain: a) the withdrawal or annulment of any decision which produces legal effects in respect of him, adopted exclusively on the basis of data processing personal, performed by automatic means, intended to assess certain aspects of his personality, as well as professional competence, credibility, behavior or other such aspects b) re-evaluation of any other decision taken in his was adopted exclusively on the basis of a data processing that meets the conditions provided in letter a)

f) the right to go to court - according to which the person concerned may go to court for the defense of any rights guaranteed by Regulation 2016/679, without prejudice to the possibility to address the supervisory authority with a complaint.

g) the right to file a complaint with the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing.

Participants may exercise their aforementioned rights by writing, dated, signed and addressed to the Operator at: SC Clinica 32 SRL, Bucharest, B-dul Banu Manta no. 79A, sector 1, to the attention of the Marketing Department or by sending it to by e-mail

7. Protection of personal data belonging to children

As only individuals under the age of 18 can participate in the Promotion at the date of the start of the Promotion, no data belonging to persons under the age of 18 will be processed and stored. In the event that the Organizer receives personal data belonging to persons under the age of 18, these data will be immediately deleted / destroyed from the means of processing and storage of the Organizer. If a parent or a holder of parental authority notifies the processing of personal data belonging to persons under the age of 18, the Organizer will immediately delete / destroy this data from the means of processing and storage.

8. Security of personal data

The Operator undertakes to implement adequate technical and organizational measures in order to ensure a level of security corresponding to the personal data belonging to the participants in the Promotion. The assessment of the appropriate level of security shall take into account in particular the risks posed by the processing of personal data, generated in particular, accidentally or illegally, by destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access to the transmitted personal data. , stored or processed.

By participating in the Promotion, participants agree to provide personal data to the Organizer and / or companies involved in organizing this Promotion, in order to include such personal data in the Organizer's database, in order to participate in the Promotion. , identification and validation, scheduling, service provision and discounting.

9. Modification of the personal data processing policy
The Organizer has the right to modify this Annex to the Regulations at any time during the Promotion, only if more effective measures are discovered to protect and secure the personal data of the data subjects and without affecting their rights and freedoms. Any such changes will be published on the website of the Organizer and / or the Promotion, respectively will be brought to the attention of the Participants by the same means by which they were informed about the Regulations.

The participant has the right to request the deletion or updating of personal data in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR Regulation. In order to exercise these rights, participants will send to the address Clinic 32 with headquarters in Bucharest, sector 1, Banu Banu Manta Blvd. 79A, a written request, dated and signed. The data will not be shared with other third parties, except in cases where the organizer must comply with the obligations under applicable law. Each participant may request by written request his exclusion from the personal database of the Clinic 32.

        Art.6. Interruption, termination and modification promotion

6.1. The promotion ceases by right on the due date. After this deadline, the fulfillment of the conditions mentioned in this regulation will no longer entitle patients to participate in the promotion, respectively no discounts will be granted. 

6.2. The organizer reserves the right to terminate the Promotion at any time and / or change the rules of participation, at the same time committing itself to make public its decision in this regard through a notification on the first page of the website

6.3. For the situations provided for in point 6.1. and 6.2., the Organizer has no obligation to Participants to refund any amount of money as compensation or other such claims.

        Art.7. disputes

7.1. Any disputes arising between Clinic 32 and the participants in this Promotion will be settled amicably or, if this is not possible, the disputes will be settled by the competent Romanian courts at the headquarters of the organizer.

7.2. Any complaints related to the development of the Promotion can be sent to the following address: Str. Banu Manta, no. 79A, Sector 1, Bucharest, to the attention of the MARKETING Department within a maximum of 2 days from the end of the Promotion. After this date, the Organizer will not consider any complaints.

        Art.8. Final provisions

8.1. By participating in the promotions of the Organizer, the participants declare that they agree to respect and comply with all the provisions, terms and conditions found in this Regulation, as well as in the additional acts to it.

8.2. Clinic 32 reserves the right to modify the regulations as well as the additional documents to it during the promotions, without any prior notice, by simply posting on the website

8.3. Clinic 32 reserves the right to check and monitor how promotions are conducted.

8.4. Clinic 32 reserves the right to permanently exclude any Participant in the Promotion who, through fraudulent behavior, may affect the smooth running of the Campaign, according to art. 3.6 of this regulation.

8.5. Clinic 32 does not assume responsibility for unannounced interruptions / malfunctions of the internet provider or communications or blocking of internal access due to network congestion during periods of heavy traffic.

8.6. If a participant cannot be contacted for confirmation by the date set in art. 4.1. or does not appear at the appointment made until the date established in art. 4.2, he will lose the reduction without having the right to issue any further claim in this regard.

8.7. By participating in the Campaign, all participants agree and undertake to comply with and comply with all the requirements and conditions imposed by the Organizer by these Official Regulations, their non-compliance entailing the personal and exclusive responsibility of the participants.

8.8. By participating in this promotion, the participant declares on his / her own responsibility that he / she has taken note of it, and agrees to the following:

  1. the participant is solely responsible for any statement that does not conform to reality;
  2. the participant declares that he does not suffer from any physical or mental illness that would make it impossible to use the site or the reduction;
  3. the participant is aware of the normal conditions of use of the discount and can make use of it without constituting a threat to his / her health and bodily integrity, and / or to those around him / her.

8.9. For each access to the Campaign website, the participant will bear the cost of internet access, a rate set by the service provider.

8.10. Organizer:

a. is exempted by the participant, their agreement being given by simply participating in this campaign, from any liability for all damages suffered by participants in connection with the reductions, regardless of the nature of these damages, including but not limited to , bodily injuries and / or injuries to health, respectively injuries or damage to property;

b. is not liable for any damages or losses caused by participants to third parties in connection with the reductions, regardless of the nature of such damages;

8.11. The Promoter does not assume responsibility in the following cases:

- for incomplete, inaccurate or incorrect entries, as well as for those made after the expiry of the promotion period as detailed in Article 4; 

- for losses or delays in the transmission of promotional entries or reply messages described above, caused by factors beyond the control of the Organizer; 

- for unannounced interruptions of Internet service or communications by own providers or blocking of internal access due to network congestion during periods of heavy traffic; 

- for any disputes related to the rights of use over the phones where the registrations were made; for enrollment in the promotion after the deadline or before the actual start date of the promotion; 

8.12. The organizer assumes responsibility only for the development of the promotion mechanism and the granting of the discount. 

8.13. For more information, please contact the Call Center Clinic 32: 031 620 30 30 or directly Reception from any office of Clinics 32.

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