When is it recommended to change dental crowns?

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Into the case Toothpaste devitalized which they have crowns May 10 -15 years old, with pivot,  When do they need to be changed?

This one question we are very frequently your adress, and Dr. SIMON Boberis – Specialist dentist into the prosthetic and aesthetics dental us details into the as it follows.

Dental crowns are prosthetic parts which are used into the the purpose of reconstructing a tooth that has lost a lot much substance dental. They cover up into the totality the crown of the tooth being repaired.

the crown dental it does not have a predetermined validity period. Length of time in which the crown their keep   properties depends of:

  • How of much substance dental missing from the natural tooth
  • Cât is well adaptedcomplicated the crown. Dental crowns not properly adapted (with spaces retentive for mâwhich or crowns that are over-contoured) can lead tin a short time to appearţagainst dental caries, gingivitis and/or periodontal pockets.
  • The materials from which they are made (eg Cr-Co) are not atât of biocompatible, that iscomplicated createscomplicated irritateţie gingivalcomplicated, I retractţie gingivalcomplicated and bonecomplicated. Daciancomplicated they are made of biocompatible materials (zirconium), these by propertycomplicatedţthe ones they have, they protectcomplicated the surrounding tissues.
  • The fixing cement mustcomplicated be suitable for each material
  • The cementing method is very importantcomplicated. Daciancomplicated cementation does not take placecomplicated in isolation conditions, the liquids influţeascomplicated cement and retainţit is not goodcomplicatedspaţthe remaining unglued retenţpurchasingcomplicated food and tooth decay occurscomplicated.

The conclusion is ccomplicated a crowncomplicated Daciancomplicated he lost his propertycomplicatedţiles or problems have arisen such as caries, gingivitiscomplicated, periodontal bags, must be changedcomplicated, not counting the length of time since it was madecomplicated.

Those older than 8-10-15 years are more likely to be replaced for ccomplicated were made of cr-co, acrylate, dupcomplicated classic fingerprinting techniquescomplicated with materials that are not sufficiently efficient as at the moment and with manufacturing techniques that do not have the precision of today's milling machines.

Regarding the exchange benefitscomplicatedthe kingdoms of the crowns enumeratecomplicatedm:

  • Eliminating the risk of complications
  • increaseetI fear the life spanţcomplicated of the tooth

In Clinica 32 we use biocompatible materials and current techniques for replacing dental crowns.

The materials used in the manufacture of crowns are zirconium and ceramiccomplicated E-max.

The technologies used are scanning with intraoral scanners (fingerprintcomplicated by scanning) With4 scanners of this kind, all Primescan from Sirona.

Making crowns it do what into the own laboratory (which offers benefit Control of quality into the anything phase of dental treatment) with the help machinery for milling CAD-about, which working with the help of dental design software, and of ovens of ceramics performing.

other appearance is the quality mATERIALS usedwhich ensure SUSTAINABILITY working.

Once time with appearance modern dentistry and with the mediatization of the current methods of approaching rehabilitation cases oralthe patients request from what the into the what the May frequently complete treatments and complex. The patients their I want to change the old dental crowns, into the the favor of the crowns with aesthetics upper and precisely Maxim.

Into the as look the pivots dental, these it change if:

  • to interface pivot-tooth a published Careers dental;
  • We want tocomplicated replace pivot from aesthetic point of view, namely  the old one is made of metal (show color Gray) it replaced with pivot of fiber or of zirconium;
  • change the pivot of a tooth if the tooth needs root canal retreatment and we need scomplicated access the the root canal of tooth
  • If the pivot is too small and not ensure retention ENOUGH of the crown

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