What is the risk of decay of dental veneers in the absence of oral hygiene

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Lack of dental hygiene can lead to decay of dental veneers. Bacteria that accumulate around the edges of dental veneers can produce acids that erode their protective layer, the tooth enamel. This can lead to tooth veneers discolouring, staining or loss of luster. Also, if food debris and bacteria are allowed to build up on veneers, they can lead to the development of gingivitis or periodontitis, which can affect and support natural teeth and dental veneers.

In addition, if the periodic hygiene protocol is not followed, the adhesive that secures the dental veneers may no longer function properly, leading to their loss or the need to replace them.

Here's how dental hygiene is done at home:
– the oral shower would be the most appropriate (easy to use, currently there are different portable models, to be taken even on vacation);
– manual or rotary brush, according to everyone's preference, ideally we should use a good brushing technique, and brushing paste;
– mouthwash at the end;
- dental floss - depends on each person's skill.

Wearers of dental veneers must make periodic visits (every 6 months) to the dentist to check their condition and to carry out professional hygiene, so as to prevent potential oral diseases and maintain their appearance and functionality.

Article made by Dr. Ana Popescu – Dentist, prosthetics & dental aesthetics.

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