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Clinica 32 Recomandari post tratament stomatologic- Incrustrari

Recommendations after dental treatment - Dental incrustations

It is important to take into account these recommendations: do not bite hard foods (shells, seeds) and do not hold hard objects between your teeth, brush your teeth twice a day, ideally for two minutes, also use dental floss and mouthwash (a once a week), if you feel pain, contact the doctor immediately, [...]
Cea Mai Buna Clinica Pentru Implant Dentar

The Best Dental Clinic For Dental Implant In Bucharest?

Dental implants are the easiest, most modern and efficient solution for replacing lost teeth. Regardless of whether you have lost a tooth, several or even all teeth, you can rely on new and modern dental techniques, which will do wonders for you and your smile. It is no longer "fashionable" to thank [...]
Clinica 32 Bucuresti, stomatologie avansata, fatete noprep, tratamente dentare minim invazive, ortodontie fara limite, aparat dentar invizibil

How to Choose a Dental Clinic in Bucharest?

Pain is the only thing that sends you to the doctor, right? But what do you do when you have to choose a dentist or a dental clinic quickly? What should you pay attention to? If you live in the capital and wonder how to choose a dental clinic in Bucharest in Sector 1, this article will be of great [...]
La mul╚Ťi ani, copii! De 1 iunie, avem o veste pentru care Tot s─â z├ómbe╚Öti!

Happy Birthday Kids! From June 1, we have news for you to keep smiling about!

We are launching the Child's Smile campaign, which offers you 100% a dental appliance treatment as a gift, from zero to the final result, without any worries! Treatment worth over 5,000 lei GIFT! Parents, register your child to win a full braces treatment now! You receive a complete treatment worth over [...]
Recomandari post tratament stomatologic - obturatie compozit

Recommendations after dental treatment - composite filling (lead)

Brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning and in the evening for 2 minutes each; use dental floss, mouthwash and ideally the oral shower (once a week); change the toothbrush (constant every 2-3 months); return to a dental consultation at least once a year, ideally twice a year for smokers and/or if [...]
Recomandari post tratament stomatologic - igienizare dentara

Recommendations after dental treatment - dental hygiene

Brush your teeth twice a day, for 2 minutes in the morning and in the evening, use dental floss, mouthwash and ideally a mouthwash (once a week), change your toothbrush constantly, return to a dental consultation at least once a year , ideal twice a year for smokers, come back for a new [...]
Recomandari post tratament stomatologic - extractie dentara CLINICA 32

Recommendations after dental treatment - tooth extraction

Soft and generally liquid food: soup, puree, compote, pudding (at room temperature). It is recommended that mastication be performed on the side opposite to the one where the extraction was done. We do NOT recommend: Rinsing with water or chamomile tea and drinking acidic drinks; Hollowing out the alveolus; Consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco; Eating hot food [...]
Recomand─âri post tratament stomatologic - extrac╚Ťie molar de minte

Recommendations after dental treatment - wisdom tooth extraction

It is important to take into account these recommendations: Possible symptoms: Local pain that can last up to 2-3 days; The swelling is accentuated in the first 48 hours, after which it returns to normal; Cheek bruises, if the extraction was more difficult; Slight fever the next day (38 degrees); Difficulty opening the mouth and [...]

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