How long does the implant last and what is the warranty period?

Emanuel Kolanovschi

Dental implant is the best treatment option for replacement
missing teeth - article written by Dr. Emanuel Kolanovschi, Dento-Alveolar Surgery Doctor.

Considering the costs, initially higher, the frequently encountered question from patients is
"How long does the implant last?" or "How long do you guarantee me for this implant?".

When we talk about the resistance of the implant over time and, implicitly, about the warranty, we must understand that, in medicine, the warranty is not identical to the one received in the case of household appliances or when purchasing a motor vehicle. The lifespan of an implant in the oral cavity depends on several factors, such as:

The general state of health of the patient (diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. can decrease the life of the implant in the oral cavity);
The state of health of the oro-dental tissues - the quality of the bone and gums;
Vicious habits (smoking, alcohol consumption);
Oral hygiene: poor oral hygiene causes inflammation of the oral tissues and, implicitly, increases the chances of dental implant failure;
Brand of the implant. Most of the time, when a lifetime warranty is offered on the implant, it includes the warranty for the product itself (implant/prosthetic abutment);
Post-insertion prophylaxis, i.e. periodic checks every 6 months in the first three years, then once a year;

Due to the mentioned factors, in the case of treatments with implant solutions, we can speak of a guarantee only for the material from which the respective implant is made, a guarantee offered by the manufacturers. One can talk about maximizing the lifetime of the implant in the oral cavity by choosing the type of implant
according to the clinical situation and the age of the patient, making bone additions (when necessary). However, the most important aspect is post-injection prophylaxis, both personal and professional.

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