The Best Dental Clinic For Dental Implant In Bucharest?

Dental implants are the easiest, most modern and most effective way to replace lost teeth. Whether you have lost a tooth, several or even all teeth, you can rely on new and modern dental techniques that will work wonders for you and your smile.

It is no longer "fashionable" to be satisfied with the condition we are in. If you have lived for years with the fear or shame of smiling so as not to see your missing tooth, it is time to forget about these unpleasant situations! Choose the best dental implant clinic in Bucharest and regain your confident smile another time!
Is it true, when there are so many dental clinics, how do you know you made the right choice?
Read the article below to find out what a top dental clinic has to offer when you use a dental implant, and if they will offer you exactly what we offer you, Clinic 32, then you have made a good choice.

Before making an appointment with your dentist, you should know that the installation of a dental implant is a complex dental procedure, for which you should choose only a professional in the field, not only for the success of the procedure, but also for your peace of mind.

Dr. Razvan Boberis, an expert in the field of digital dentistry with a complete portfolio of complex operations, especially in digital dental implantology and advanced dental practices, recommends creating a treatment plan with a multidisciplinary approach and setting costs from the beginning.

What does the best dental implant clinic in Bucharest have to offer you?

To give you an idea of what it means to have a dental implant, we have created a list of steps you will need to take when you need this procedure, but also what a top dental clinic should have because the whole procedure can be done in the same place, without other roads and lost time.

1. Investigations

A first step in installing a dental implant is investigations (CBCT computed tomography) based on which your dentist will establish a complete treatment plan for you and you will not be put in the unpleasant situation of finding out about additional costs. A reputable clinic will provide all these services to its patients, so that they do not have to go to several places to compile the initial analysis file.

Clinic 32 has a CBCT 3D CT Scanner in each facility that is used in dental radiology by the dentist to make an accurate diagnosis, all under one roof, with no extra time wasted by the patient.

2. You will find out how many implants you need

Depending on the complexity of the situation, your dentist will tell you how many implants you need and you will be exposed to the variants of implants from which you can choose (standard implant or premium implant, single tooth or complete restorations with fixed teeth).

In Clinic 32 you can also benefit from a cut-free implant, an advanced technique in digital dentistry which consists of: 3D analysis (thanks to CBCT computed tomography), scanning & fingerprinting, crowns made in your own digital dental laboratory, specialized team and premium raw materials .

One day implant is another modern technique that any patient who wants to solve the inconvenience of one or more missing teeth, can only do this in one day, in the Clinic 32.

All on 4 & All on 6 is the ideal technique for those who want their teeth fixed, if they have lost all their teeth.

3. The reputation of the clinic and the dentist

You need to consider the reputation of the clinic and the dentist you want to deal with in your case. Why?

To be sure of the success of the treatment and its duration over time, of course. A dental implant is an expensive procedure that must pass the test of time successfully. A dental implantologist like Dr. Razvan Boberis has a portfolio of active smiles and satisfied patients who would recommend him anytime, to anyone.

So, if you are looking for a specialist in dental implants in Bucharest, a team of experts with solid knowledge is waiting for you in Clinic 32 and who are constantly improving by participating annually at international level in the most important profile events.

4. The technologies available to the clinic

Don't forget the technologies that will be used - here you have to consider the treatment options that are exposed to you and the healing time.

In Clinics 32, all treatments are performed according to the principles of digital dentistry, namely: reduced treatment time, no pain, few visits to the dentist, superior workmanship compared to those performed in traditional dentistry, efficient results and a pre and post process. 100% controlled operator.

If you are in a situation where you need one or more dental implants and you are looking for the best clinic for dental implants in Bucharest, I hope you are convinced that in Clinic 32 you will benefit from the latest technology and the best specialists in the field of implantology.

We look forward to your initial consultation. To make an appointment, you can call us at +40316203032 or you can write to us at We promise we'll make you smile!

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