Digital Smile Design and the realization of the much-desired teeth

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The phrase "Digital Smile Design" is often found in dental aesthetics, as it facilitates communication with the patient. This state-of-the-art technology helps the dentist plan and present the final result of the future rehabilitation to the patient, whether crowns or veneers are used.

At the first meeting with the patient, we gather all the information we need: intra- and extra-oral photographs are taken, we perform a digital scan of the dental arches, we digitally record the dynamic occlusion, using Modjow and, last but not least, we gather all the information about how the patient wants his future smile to look. The patient is actively involved in the materialization of the long-desired dentition.

All the information received is entered into a dental software that we use in the clinic. Within 24 hours the patient can digitally visualize the future smile we can provide at the end of the treatment. In 48 hours, with the help of digitally printed models, the patient can try on the new teeth, implicitly admire the new smile, without touching the dental substance, with the help of wax up and mock-up. As soon as the patient accepts the treatment plan, the process of grinding and making the final prosthetic parts, with the brand and color chosen, begins.

Most of the time, the patient's question is a sure one: "Will my smile look good?"
chosen?" With the help of Digital Smile Design, this question was removed from the patient's thoughts, as he visualized the final result from the beginning.

Once the planning is finished, getting the much-dreamed-of teeth is an easy and risk-free procedure, the result being always exceptional, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

If you have always been afraid to make radical decisions, and your teeth have undergone significant changes over time (abrasions, multiple fillings, depigmentation and hyperpigmentation), we are waiting for you at Clinic 32, where we have state-of-the-art equipment and updated dental software, with the help of which the much-dreamed-of teeth are just a few clicks away.

Article written by Dr. Roxana Serb – Prosthetic dentist, implantology skills

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