After this information you will love the airflow and ask for it at every visit to the dentist

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Dental air-flow is a method of professional teeth cleaning with a device that generates a high-pressure jet consisting of water, air and fine particles of sodium bicarbonate.

It is done with the help of a special device, created to remove the bacterial plaque on the teeth and at
the tooth-gum interface. "If we only use the classic methods of dental hygiene, descaling and professional brushing, we cannot clean all the dental surfaces, where bacterial plaque will remain, which will later be involved in the appearance of dental caries, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) or even periodontal disease. That's why I would call them
key surfaces that can only be cleaned with dental airflow. These surfaces are: the spaces
interdental, orthodontic brackets, occlusal surfaces." – Dr. Claudia Frațilă, Doctor Specialist in Periodontology

When is dental airflow recommended?
  - every time a detour is made;
   - when the teeth show moderate and intense coloring, such as those produced by tea, coffee, smoking;
  – is the only way to remove plaque from inaccessible areas such as cavities
and deep fissures, interdental spaces, misaligned areas, areas under crown margins, sulcus
gingiva around the implant, gingival retractions and orthodontic appliances, efficiently and minimally invasively;
 - it helps to polish the dental and root surfaces resulting from the removal of hard tartar deposits;
– it is necessary before carrying out the tooth whitening treatment;
– is essential in the treatment of periodontal diseases;
– before performing dental sealings in children;
– before applying the orthodontic appliance.

Here are the main benefits of dental airflow:
– removes bacterial plaque deposits and soft, incipient tartar deposits;
- it is a minimally invasive treatment, the tooth enamel will not be affected;
– is a unique approach to maintaining the health of dental implants, ensuring safe and effective removal of bacterial plaque;
– it is a minimally invasive solution, with no risk of scratching the surfaces of implants, prosthetic abutments or prostheses;
– it is successfully used for sanitizing All on 4, All on 6 prosthetic works;
- removes the unpleasant smell of the oral cavity.

If this information was useful for you to understand the importance of professional sanitation, carried out in the office, in which the airflow is carried out after descaling, then you can make an appointment. Such work is not at all expensive and it is important to do it every 4-6 months. 


Article made by DR. Claudia Frațilă - Doctor Specialist Periodontology Clinic 32


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