Is orthodontic treatment contraindicated or not during pregnancy?

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Orthodontic treatment during pregnancy is not, in any case, contraindicated. If the patient becomes pregnant during orthodontic treatment there is no risk to the fetus, but there are several factors that must be considered.

A series of x-rays are required for a correct and complete diagnosis and to establish a treatment plan, and their performance is not possible during pregnancy. Their validity is 6 months. So, if the patient already has a complete orthodontic set, she will be able to start the orthodontic treatment even if she is already pregnant.

The main advantage of orthodontic treatment during pregnancy is the greater amount of female hormones in the body. They intervene in the phosphocalcium metabolism and increase the turnover of bone tissue. Therefore, teeth move faster during pregnancy, thus reducing the duration of orthodontic treatment.

The hygiene of patients wearing dental appliances requires more attention, and pregnancy gingivitis is present during pregnancy, which overlaps with the frequent nausea of pregnant women. These should not be seen as disadvantages for starting orthodontic treatment. The patient can benefit from airflow (professional subgingival and supragingival cleaning of bacterial plaque) every time she goes for a check-up.

The pregnant patient who has braces must also take care of her diet – she must not avoid foods of a certain consistency (hard), but must pay more attention to chewing them. She must follow the guidelines of the obstetrician regarding nutrition, in order to be able to ensure all the nutritional principles necessary for the harmonious development of the fetus.

Also, if the patient informs the doctor in advance that she is going to become pregnant, the orthodontist can refer her to a more comfortable treatment option, with fewer visits to the dental office, without special hygiene rules - namely to the treatment with transparent aligners – Invisalign.

Therefore, the pregnant patient is a type of patient often encountered by the orthodontist, and this aspect does not negatively influence the effectiveness of a correct orthodontic treatment. The doctor, in collaboration with a cooperative and compliant patient, can give her the perfect smile she wanted.

Article made by Dr. Ingrid Bădulescu – Doctor specializing in orthodontics and dento-facial orthopedics.

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