Dental veneers

Patients who may benefit from dental veneers
Patients eligible for noprep veneers are patients with small, spaced teeth. Prep veneers are recommended for patients with large, crowded teeth or who want a major change in tooth color.

The stages of aesthetic dental treatment with dental veneers
In many cases, patients who opt for this type of treatment, in fact a cosmetic treatment, come up with certain requirements that are often not the ideal solution. That is why, first of all, the first stage is the pre-prosthetic consultation, the most important of the stages of this treatment.

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The second stage of treatment is represented by diagnostic photographs and dental radiographs. Based on the diagnostic photos, a computer simulation of the future smile can be made.

What else do you need to know about dental veneers?
The teeth eligible for dental veneering are only intact teeth, ie those that do not have carious lesions or deep fillings; if the patient has small or medium-sized fillings, the tooth is sanded until they are completely removed.
Facets are minimally invasive dental treatments of dental aesthetics, and their maintenance is very important, being done by correct brushing, at least twice a day and periodic checks at about 6 months or a maximum of one year.

Real benefits of dental veneers

  • allow the realization of the Hollywood Smile
  • it is done quickly thanks to digital technology
  • they have a natural 100% look due to the high quality modern materials
  • do not require grinding the tooth: they are thin and thus the tooth will no longer need to be polished, giving a natural appearance
  • the application of veneers is painless, taking into account that sometimes it is not necessary to perform anesthesia for grinding teeth
  • no dental sensitivity will appear after treatment and no temporary veneers will be needed during treatment
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Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare

Zirconium crown

Why Choose Zirconia Crowns? Advantages and Price
Quality of life is influenced by a smile. Studies show that a person with a beautiful smile has a strong self-esteem, is confident in appearing in front of people and thus has a greater personal and professional success. This is where digital dentistry comes into play. It can correct or improve every patient's smile to perfection, even for those who need to replace one or more teeth.

Have you lost one or more teeth and started to find out about the options you have for a functional and aesthetic restoration of the oral cavity? It is good to be properly and completely informed about dental crowns. They are used both on implants and on teeth, depending on the clinical situation of each, in united forms (dental bridges), as well as in the case of unidentary crowns (solo).

What are zirconium crowns (Zr02)?
In the 2000s, with the entry of Cad / Cam technology on the dental market, a new aesthetic material appeared, strong, biocompatible, completely revolutionary, represented by Zirconium. (Zirconium, zirconium oxide, zirconia). In the last 10 years it has become the most studied and used material in dentistry. This material came as a replacement for the classic metal-ceramic crowns.
The zirconium crowns are made EXCLUSIVELY by computerized milling, by a 5-axis Cad / Cam system, and will be introduced in the sintering furnace at temperatures of 1500 degrees Celsius.
Zirconium crowns are actually a ceramic coating (zirconium oxide) used to restore a tooth or replace a tooth. The crown can be cemented on the surface of the natural tooth or it can be screwed / cemented on an implant.
Zirconia can also be used in dental bridges to successfully replace one or more teeth.
Restorations with zirconium support are not only a functional solution, but also an aesthetic solution to cover the dental implant or a tooth. Specialists consider zirconium crowns to be the best solution for restoring teeth, not limited to front teeth.
This type of crown is one of the favorites of patients due to its natural result, biocompatibility with soft dental tissues, mechanical strength, durability and short manufacturing time.

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Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare
Clinica 32 București cerec 3

What are the advantages of zirconium crowns?

1. High aesthetics
One of the most important advantages of zirconium crowns is their aesthetics. This principle is followed by most patients, because the final aspect is extremely important. Fortunately, zirconium crowns have a high aesthetic, successfully mimicking the natural tooth. This is possible due to the multi-layer zirconium oxide (color gradient) and the possibility of their pigmentation in the color of the natural tooth.

Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare

2. They are extremely durable
This type of crown stands out for its quality and resistance, being the choice of dentists around the world, both in full-contour forms (integral restoration) and in use as the structure on which Emax ceramics are layered. The strengths of zirconium crowns are between 600 -1200mpa.
3. Does not cause allergies - biocompatibility
Zirconium is a 100% material that is biocompatible with the human body, so it does not cause allergies to the patient. Recent studies have shown that of all the crowns, it has the best biocompatibility with soft oral tissues.
4. They are resistant to high temperatures
Many patients suffer from cold or hot hypersensitivity, so a zirconium crown can solve this discomfort. In addition, zirconium crowns have a low thermal conductivity and do not transfer heat fluctuations like other types of crowns.
5. High durability
When you need a dental crown, of course you think about durability when it comes to price. Do you want a crown that will stand the test of time and be biocompatible, right? Fortunately, zirconium crowns also brilliantly tick these important aspects.

Types of works with zirconium crowns

Zirconium crowns can be used either for integral works (full-contour) or for ceramic works on zirconium support.
Integral zirconium works
Integral zirconium crowns come with an extremely important advantage: they can be made by computerized milling directly from zirconium which is then colored to the chosen color or from pre-colored multilayer zirconium beforehand, an exact and very fast procedure.
Using this technology, the crown is made in a single session in the dental clinic and installed on the same day or in a maximum of 24 hours. Therefore, this is the most suitable option for patients who want their work completed in a single session, without wasting more time or additional trips to the office.
Ceramic crown on zirconium support
In some specific situations (eg a single central tooth, existing works that do not require their replacement), if the patient opts for a premium aesthetic, zirconium oxide can be used as a support (structure), over which it will be layered. Emax ceramics by the technician.

Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare

Stages of treatment with zirconium crowns

As I have already accustomed you, I will give you all the information you need about zirconium crowns, including all the steps you will go through if you choose to follow the zirconium crown treatment.
1. Initial consultation - During this, one of the specialists of Clinic 32 will inform you about the general condition of your teeth, and if he discovers carious diseases that cannot be restored by filling, he will recommend the application of a dental crown. In addition, the doctor will create a treatment plan, explain the benefits of treatment and the costs.
2. Carrying out radiological investigations - Another important step is to perform x-rays that will show your doctor the stage of the roots of your teeth, bone and pathological processes, if any. This will allow your dentist to create a special treatment plan for your condition. One of the advantages of choosing Clinic 32 for the installation of an implant or a dental crown is that under the same roof you can also perform dental radiographs and CBCT 3D computed tomography. So you forget about extra roads and wasted time.
3. Treatment of affected teeth - this involves the endodontic treatment under the microscope of the tooth to be restored with a zirconium crown and the restoration of the missing structure under the crown with the help of a fiberglass pivot.
4. Tooth impression - this stage is done completely digitally with the help of Primescan Sirona intraoral scanners in 2-3 minutes, without introducing other materials into the patient's mouth. The scan is transmitted digitally to the digital laboratory in the clinic where the CAD-CAM design is made, the appropriate material is established and the zirconium crown is milled.
5. Installation The zirconium crown on your tooth or implant is the last step before you enjoy the much desired healthy smile.

Clinica 32 București fatete model 2
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare

How much does a zirconium crown cost?

Zirconium crowns differ in price depending on the clinic, the material from which they are made, the design and the aesthetic requirements.
Thus, there are crowns made of pre-colored integral zirconium, which is made the fastest but with a standard Fa aesthetic.
Translucent zirconia or zirconium plated with EMAX ceramic has a high degree of aesthetics and is more difficult to achieve by subsequent staining or ceramic plating.
Zirconium with high aesthetics is the one coated with EMAX ceramics with special effects and special translucency.
Fortunately, at Clinica 32 we are transparent and fair to our patients, so that the fees charged for each service can be found on the site. Of course, in the case of dental implants or crowns, one of the specialists of Clinic 32 will create a complete treatment plan that will include both the stages and the cost of the intervention so that you know from the beginning, without hidden costs. To see the price of zirconium crowns, see the section Prices.

Aesthetic restorations (fillings / inlays)

Some of the most popular dental treatments are dental fillings, known as fillings and inlays. The road from tooth decay to tooth loss is a very small one and the patient will end up with complications that can be avoided 100%.

Dental fillings, or popular dental fillings, are direct dental reconstructions of a composite material. These are indicated in the case of superficial or medium dental caries, as a first treatment. In the case of deep caries, due to their depth, the thinning of the dental walls, and even the extension of the caries surface, dental incrustations are indicated. Modern composite materials, of the nanohybrid type, can mimic the color of the tooth very well, almost as if the filling is not noticeable.

Risks to which the patient is exposed by avoiding treatment
An untreated caries can be complicated by an inflammation of the nerve, leading to a dental pulp or even pulpal necrosis, a situation that will require a canal treatment, and a subsequent cuspid protection such as inlay or a crown. In the long run, the patient may risk losing his tooth. 
The benefits of dental fillings
- Reconstructs dental morphology completely
- It treats dental caries, stopping its evolution towards the nerve of the tooth
- Reduces unpleasant odors in the oral cavity due to tooth decay
- Restores dental aesthetics, in the case of front teeth affected by caries
Clinica 32 București plomba 2023
Clinica 32 București plomba
In situations with deep, extensive caries, on several surfaces, where the remaining tooth walls are narrow, and the morpho-functional rehabilitation of the tooth is difficult to achieve, inlay is recommended. Thus, a future fracture of the dental wall is prevented.
The dental inlay is a small prosthetic work, made of composite or ceramic, which is made indirectly by the dental laboratory. In the Cad-Cam era, the inlays, be they composite, ceramic, zirconium, are made 100% digitally, with the possibility of being milled in all types of existing materials.
The benefits of inlays
- Restores the morphology of a tooth affected by caries 
- Keep as much healthy dental tissue as possible
- Provides mechanical strength to the tooth again, reducing the chances of fracture
- By its adhesive cementation, it fights the contraction factor of the composite in the situation of a deep filling, diminishing to zero the chances of coronary fracture
- Later, if something happens to it in time, it can be polished and transformed into a crown
- Inlays are indicated on both vital and devital teeth.

Tooth whitening

The vast majority of patients who want a special aesthetic and who dream of a Hollywood smile, without risks and without undergoing risky interventions can now choose the dental treatment of dental aesthetics with spectacular results: teeth whitening.


Patients who can benefit from teeth whitening
Dental whitening is a dental treatment that is recommended as a result of a consultation by a specialist and also as a result of the necessary investigations. Every step is done under the roof of our clinics. 
Real benefits of teeth whitening:
• State-of-the-art secure technology
• High quality raw material
• Development of a treatment strategy based on a treatment plan with a multidisciplinary approach 
• Necessary dental investigations performed in the same place 
• Short treatment time
• Very long term results 
How to choose the right tooth whitening treatment
In Clinic 32, we offer patients the opportunity to benefit from teeth whitening with the latest technology and safe and effective substances, so that patients get the desired result and a special smile. As explained above, the specialist will recommend which technology and substances are effective for the treatment of each patient, and this recommendation is 100% customized and based on the patient's goals.
albire dentara Clinica 32 București
Clinica 32 București albire

Long-term teeth whitening
In order for the result to be long lasting, the dentist's instructions must be strictly observed, as the consumption of strongly colored foods or those that contain large amounts of artificial coloring can damage the result obtained. Repeat the whitening treatment is done after at least one year and under the close supervision of the dentist.

Snap on smile

One of the advanced innovations offered by digital dentistry involves Snap on Smile, a technique impossible in traditional dentistry, currently possible due to dental gadgets such as intraoral scanners and more, and the fact that Clinica 32 specialists are ready to perform state-of-the-art dental procedures.

Real benefits for the patient

Snap on Smile works are long-term temporary prosthetic works that can be mounted on the remaining teeth without their prior preparation, ie without sanding or anesthesia.
The works are 100% customized, and the patient can preview the final result. In Clinic 32 we perform the original works with execution in the USA.
Snap on Smile is a work that can be done for the whole arch or only for the front area. A snap on Smile arch can contain 6 or 12 teeth per arch, and the cost is associated with the default number of teeth in the number of arches.
Each patient is guided by the Clinic 32 specialist to benefit from the best solution and a safe result.

snapon smile
snapon smile

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