Dental implant without cuts

The loss of a tooth directly affects the quality of life. You can't smile, you can't eat properly and, especially, over time a missing tooth damages your entire dental health and complications can occur that can be very serious.
The safest solution is dental implant treatment, which currently has the highest success rate. When you want to invest in the functionality and aesthetics of your smile, choose a premium implant, durable and recommended by any experienced dentist.

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ghid digital implant

One of the biggest fears at the moment for patients who need dental treatments is fear of pain, and for people who need dental implant treatment, surgical procedures.
The treatment with digitally guided dental implant without cuts ensures a treatment in full comfort, with safe results and, especially, due to the innovations in the digital age, WITHOUT CUTS. 
At present, under the roof of the clinic there is all the necessary equipment to perform this technique: 3D analysis by computer CT scan CTCT, scanning & fingerprinting, crowns made in just a few hours in our digital laboratory incorporated in Clinic 32, specialized team and raw materials superior.

Patients who qualify for this technique

This technique of inserting a dental implant can be applied only in situations where the patient has extractions older than 2 months and everything is cured. he has enough bone or in situations where a single root is extracted with a single root, respectively premolars or front teeth. If the patient does not qualify for this technique, the existing specialist team in Clinic 32 will offer the best solution for the patient's situation. We mention that under the roof of Clinics 32 all general or advanced digital dental techniques such as One Day Implant, All on 4 & All on 6, Personalized Digital Dental Implant and / or Guided Bone Regeneration are performed.

The real benefits of the Digitally Guided Dental Implant technique

• Correct position from a biological, aesthetic and prosthetic point of view of the bone implant
• Accelerated healing due to lack of cuts
• No pain, minimal trauma due to minimally invasive intervention
• Reduced number of operations due to the existing infrastructure in the Clinic 32
• Superior result due to digital technology and initial planning
• Everything in one session
• After the integration period, the patient benefits from a safe final result, as planned from the beginning and with a long-term guarantee
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beneficii implant
beneficii implant
beneficii implant

ONE DAY IMPLANT with Megagen Anyridge implant

Patients who are pressed for time, who want to replace one or more missing teeth in a quick treatment time, with certainty of the result and a very long-term guarantee, can choose one of the most appreciated digital dental procedures in America: One Day Implant with the Megagen Anyridge implant!
One Day Implant is an advanced dental technique by which a patient who has a problem with one or more teeth comes and solves everything in one day.
Basically, the patient comes, the extraction is performed or the implant is inserted if the extraction is already performed, a temporary abutment and a temporary work are installed, all prepared in advance after a detailed planning of all stages.
Whether it's a single tooth in the frontal area or even in the premolar area, or it's all the teeth in the upper or lower area, it solves its dental problems in one day. This concept brings the advantage that there is no second stage of implant discovery, in 3-4 months after the implants have been integrated, everything is ready, the abutment, mounted, only the final work is needed.
Patients who qualify for this job:
• patients who have sufficient bone, quality,
• patients who do not have infections,
• Patients who have a good general health, without chronic diseases
• even patients who need extractions.
This one day implant labor performs very well and post extractional. Basically, a broken tooth was removed, the implant and a temporary crown were placed immediately, in one hour.
What are the benefits of the One day implant technique?
• The patient's dental problem is treated quickly and efficiently
• The second surgical stage of implant discovery is eliminated
• Fixed temporary work can be done immediately.
• The patient leaves smiling!

Ankylos dental implant

One of the major international brands of dental implants with a tradition of over 35 years is the Ankylos implant, produced by Densply Sirona. It offers the safe and aesthetic solution for almost any clinical situation.


Real benefits of the Ankylos implant:

  • Impeccable long-term aesthetics; accelerated healing; bone integration superior to other implants; teeth with a natural appearance that is maintained due to the personalized abutment made right in the factory according to a fingerprint that ensures an optimal thickness of the gum and supports the papillae between the teeth;
  • There is no room for bacteria to penetrate, because the abutment adapts perfectly to the implant through a conical connection, achieving a practically "cold welding".
  • Allows immediate charging ONE DAY IMPLANT

Straumann Roxolid dental implant

Straumann is one of the international leaders with an exceptional tradition of making dental implants. The latest Titan-Zirconium alloy implant called Roxolide with SLA Active hydrophilic surface treatment ensures a shorter bone integration period of 6 weeks.


Advantages of the Straumann dental implant:

  • Fast and painless healing; can be inserted without cuts; it is more mechanically resistant than other titanium implants; it also allows immediate loading in the front area
  • The new model straumann roxolide tapered is conical and has exactly the shape of the root of the teeth; it is very thin, 3.3mm in diameter and can be used in the area of molars and premolars without the need for bone addition.

Megagen Anyridge dental implant

The Megagen Anyridge implant is used by dentists around the world due to its structure and design that allows us to obtain a primary stability in almost any kind of bone.
With this one can perform the one day implant technique and the immediate loading with temporary teeth.
What is the difference between a regular implant and a Megagen Anyridge implant?
Perhaps the biggest difference between a regular implant and a megagen anyridge implant is its functionality. It behaves like a natural tooth.
Another important feature that differentiates it from a regular implant is that it allows the doctor to mount it immediately after an extraction. This is an advantage for people who cannot wait up to two months to heal before their implants can be fitted.
The material from which the Megagen Anyridge implant is made is grade 4 titanium, which is an alloy of superior quality and purity, ensuring not only a high hardness but also a superior resistance over time to a regular implant.
Another difference between a regular implant and a premium one is given by the special abutment it has. The multi-unit abutment is ideal for patients who have lost all their teeth, as it allows complete recovery of the dental condition.

megagen-anyridge, Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare

Advantages of the Megagen dental implant:

Experts in dentistry recommend the Megagen Anyridge implant because it brings benefits to the patient that no other type of implant can bring. These include:

  • the implant can be inserted regardless of the bone density available to the patient
  • the shape of the implant gives maximum stability
  • the implant can be mounted immediately after an extraction
  • thanks to XPEED® technology the jaw bone is protected and regenerated
  • the tissue around the implant is protected from necrosis
  • a single prosthetic connection for all sizes of dental implants
  • improved aesthetics due to personalized abutment
  • the implant has the ideal biological width
  • there is no risk of the screw loosening over time due to the conical connection

What is the price of the Megagen Anyridge implant?

Depending on the complexity of the job, and the case: you lost one tooth, several teeth, or all teeth, the price of the Megagen Anyridge implant differs from clinic to clinic. On our website you can find the list of fees charged at the clinic, which you can consult on, because we are fair and transparent to our patients and potential patients.
If you are convinced that the Magagen implant is right for you, we are waiting for you during an initial consultation in Clinic 32, during which one of our specialists will make you a treatment plan and will explain both the steps and the price of the whole procedure. Of course, also in this consultation you will receive answers to all your questions.

Zimmer dental implant

The Zimmer Trabecular Metal implant is the latest discovery in the field of dental implantology, being the only implant with a three-dimensional (3D) structure.
After using metal with a trabecular structure for decades in orthopedics, Zimmer brings this revolutionary technology to dental implantology as well. The Zimmer Trabecular Metal implant is especially indicated for patients at high risk, such as: patients who have suffered a heart attack; patients with advanced periodontal disease; diabetic patients; very soft bone patients (type IV); patients who smoke excessively.


Advantages of the Zimmer Trabecular dental implant:

Specialists with experience in dentistry recommend the Zimmer Trabecular implant because it brings benefits to the patient, including:

  • The main benefit is superior osseointegration due to the three-dimensional structure of tantalum, so in the most difficult situations you get a very good stability and osseointegration.
  • The conical connection between the abutment and the implant allows a perfect sealing of the space between the two parts and low risk of periimplantitis
  • The custom abutment made after a digital scan with the intraoral scanner ensures an identical result with the missing natural tooth.

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