Dental implants and nutrition

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Following tooth loss, masticatory efficiency is also lost. Over time, this can have negative effects on the entire body. Nowadays we can solve these problems with the help of one or more dental implants.
We can have several situations:
When we replace one or more missing teeth and replace with crowns and bridges:
Immediately after inserting the implants, it is necessary to protect the area for 5-7 days (avoiding hard foods, containing seeds or hot liquids)
After the final prosthesis of the implants, patients can chew normally, as on natural teeth;
Cracking nuts, bones or very hard foods is not recommended. There are no pain or pressure receptors at the level of the implants, so the implant or implants can be incorrectly applied.
When we replace all teeth with dental implants and opt for all-on-4 or all-on-6 fixed works:
Immediately after inserting the implants, within a maximum of 24 hours, the patient receives temporary fixed teeth. Soft or easily chewable foods, at room temperature, without seeds or skins, are recommended. The patient wears the temporary work for 3 months. She must protect the placed implants and not overload them unevenly. Bilateral mastication is recommended as much as possible.
After the period of osseointegration of the implants, the final, fixed work follows. Given that they are only implants, progressive chewing is indicated, starting with soft foods at first, up to hard fruits, vegetables, meat. Both sides are used to grind and chew food.
Avoid and do not recommend:
– breaking the kernels;
– the popcorn;
– removing the plugs;
– breaking the bags;
When we replace all missing teeth with implants (2 or 4 per arch) and opt for mobile work - Dentures
- immediately after the insertion of the dental implants, it is recommended not to wear the temporary prosthesis for 1-2 weeks - it can press the gum unevenly. Soft foods, creamy soups, purees, milkshakes, yogurt, soft fruits and vegetables are thus recommended.
– after the primary healing 1-2 weeks, the patient can wear the provisional prostheses, maintaining soft nutrition, masticated bilaterally;
Biting or tearing is not recommended, pieces will be made and chewed gently. Wash the prosthesis between meals.
After the osseointegration period, the final prosthesis is made in approximately 2 weeks. If the patient has worn the temporary prosthesis, the accommodation is easier. Soft foods at first and bilateral mastication are recommended. Food can be bitten with final dentures.

Article made by Dr. Ana Popescu – Dentist, prosthetics & dental aesthetics.

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