The importance of digital scanning and achieving error-free treatments

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CT or more correctly Cone beam computed tomography represents a 3D image of the hard tissues of the oral cavity. This investigation has become very important in the diagnosis and planning of dental implant treatment.

The digital scan represents a copy in 3D format of the dental arches, which completely replaces the classic impression, cumbersome and uncomfortable for the patient.

Scanning is done using digital scanners, and the procedure is easy and of course painless.

The digital scanner is a device that does not touch the imprinted surfaces of the oral cavity. This information it obtains are 3D images of the dental arches and certain formations in the vicinity, all this information being collected in a computer with the help of a special software intended for dentistry.

 Regarding the degree of radiation, it is important to note that it is 96% lower in 3D dental CTBC than in a conventional CT.

The two investigations overlap in a dental software where we can create the virtual patient and have the possibility to configure the final result. When we talk about the final result, we mean everything that this dental implant insertion intervention involves, i.e. bone additions, customized abutments, functionality, balance and aesthetics. 

These procedures are possible within Clinics 32 and are essential in achieving a treatment with exceptional results.

Article written by Dr. Roxana Șerb - Prosthetic dentist, skills in oral implantology

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