Inlay, Onlay and other smart prosthetic parts for an enviable dentition

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Inlays and onlays are mini prosthetic pieces that can restore the tooth, without a great sacrifice of structure
They are made 100% digitally, eliminating any error in terms of adaptation to the tooth level. These prosthetic pieces can restore teeth with bulky fillings, coronal fractures or severe abrasions, while fully preserving the tooth's vitality.

Inlay adapts to the level of the tooth cavity without covering the dental walls, while onlay it can cover from one to 4 walls of the tooth.
The condition of this century is stress, which comes with many repercussions on the teeth, especially regarding its integrity. Whether we have one bruxism nocturnal or gastro-oesophageal reflux, over time, these conditions are seen in the dental structure, either through severe abrasion or loss of dental substance (enamel on the occlusal or palatal surfaces). Due to the loss of tooth substance, the rest of the problems can also appear in the avalanche: joint pain, tooth sensitivities, it can reach the inability to triturate the

To help these patients, a new type of prosthetic parts appeared without tooth preparation or with a mini-invasive preparation, called Table-top. With their help we can restore the lateral area and, implicitly, restore the occlusion.

These state-of-the-art prosthetics are now available in our clinic, 100% digital, without annoying impressions and made ultra-fast in 48 hours.

Article written by Dr. Roxana Serb – Prosthetic dentist, implantology skills

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