Dental laboratory

Zirkonzahn M1 milling machine

It is a state-of-the-art compact milling machine that can mill Zirconium, resins, waxes, metals, PEEK, polymers or jewelry materials. It can mill in 5 + 1 axes, which allows milling at angles of max 30 °, resulting in works with a high aesthetic and a perfect fit. The automatic milling cutter changer, with a 6-milling magazine, allows the smallest details to be played back, of course, with the help of the Nesting software installed on one of the computers in the laboratory.

Laboratory scanner from Zirkonzahn

It is equipped with 3 high-resolution cameras, which record even the smallest details and can scan color fingerprints or models mounted on the articulator. Due to the fact that fingerprints can be scanned without pouring the classic plaster model, the waiting times for patients are shortened. Laboratory PCs are specially designed for 3D design, along with 3D dental design software which helps dental technicians do complex dental rehabilitation work as well as total rehabilitation. Oral scans sent from the dental office or those scanned with the lab scanner are used to design future work. With the help of design software, in our laboratory, dental crowns, dental bridges (from 3 elements to whole arches), projects for surgical guides, post-operative prostheses, custom abutments from Titan or hybrids (designed for each case) are designed. ). With the help of 3D printers you can print try-in works, temporary works, models for adapting crowns / bridges / veneers scanned in the dental office or for digital wax-up. 3D printers are new generation, with resolutions that help us print with an accuracy of 35 microns. The resins used help us to give the finest details.

P510 Programmed Ceramic Oven

It combines high-class technology with highly efficient modern design, making it a very easy-to-use and high-performance oven. Infrared technology accelerates the combustion process with 25% and improves combustion results. The thermal chamber detects the drying level and automatically controls the drying and closing process. The ceramics used, of the E-Max type, restore the naturalness of the teeth very well, so that together with the contribution of the dental technician through different maneuvers, a high quality form of teeth is obtained from an ethnic and aesthetic point of view.

E.max Ceram

is a layering ceramic used throughout the IPS e.max system. The materials offer aesthetic results of exceptional quality, a natural dispersion of light and a balanced relationship between brightness and color. In the IPS e.max system, veneer ceramics are the key to achieving superior aesthetic results on both lithium bisilicates and zirconium oxide. The advantages are a perfect color matching and the use of a unique, universal diagram. Moreover, all faceted restorations with IPS e.max demonstrated the same clinical behaviors as wear and tear. Also, the digital dental laboratory incorporated in Clinic 32 contains all the dental support technology, necessary for performance results.


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