It is a self-ligating dental appliance, superior from a mechanical and biological point of view, which acts at the same time as the lip and tongue muscles, thus obtaining a slower but more natural correction of the teeth position, with small forces, without side effects on the appliance. supporting the tooth in the bone. The straightening of the teeth is done by a spring (a wire with an ideal shape), which is connected to the teeth by means of brackets arranged with a flap (not with an elastic as in the case of a classic appliance). This flap is an innovative element of this type of bracket, as it allows the distribution of a continuous force, of low intensity, without parasitic effects on the support device of the tooth in the bone (without bone or gingival retractions). Damon braces can sometimes prevent additional tooth extractions or orthognathic surgery. Also, the controls are done less often, every 2-3 months. The Damon device has two variants - metallic, with small brackets, hygienic and efficient (even in cases with very small teeth) and clear (physiognomic, aesthetic), completely transparent, preferred by patients who have high aesthetic demands in everyday life , even during treatment (presenters, singers, celebrities). Both types of devices have the same efficiency over time, the difference being only aesthetic.
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare


Invisalign is the most advanced type of orthodontic treatment. It straightens your teeth using a series of almost invisible, digitally designed removable aligners that are specially adapted to your teeth. As the bristles are replaced every two weeks, the teeth will migrate - little by little, week after week, gradually moving to the final projected position. Comfortable, transparent and detachable - the Invisalign system transforms your smile without disturbing your life. As more than 2.5 million people worldwide have already discovered.
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare


The metal version of this device is most often used and is recommended by most orthodontists, being an economical and efficient method. Aligns the teeth, improves mastication and corrects the shape of the dental arches with excellent results from an aesthetic and functional point of view. The brackets are miniaturized, discreet, allow the proper performance of dental hygiene and with their help can be corrected all dento-maxillary anomalies.


The braces with sapphire brackets are the physiognomic version of the classic metal brace and are preferred by many patients due to its aesthetics. It offers superior quality at a good price. It is part of the series of 'aesthetic' devices, offering a minimum visibility through the transparency and translucency of the brackets.
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare


Myofunctional devices are mobile devices, recommended during the growing period (8-12 years) that are designed to improve the functions provided by the dento-maxillary device (breathing, mastication, swallowing, phonation), functions that if disturbed, negatively influence patient development. The functions are corrected by removing the vicious habits that have negative effects on the child's development (oral respiration, infant swallowing, chewing / phonation with the interposition of the tongue), thus restoring a balance that allows the patient to grow normally and have an ideal occlusion (bite), also ensuring the alignment of the teeth.
Also, myofunctional devices are used in the treatment (deconditioning, removal) of other vicious external habits, which influence the facial and maxillomandibular development (finger sucking, bed suggestion, chewing pencils).
Wearing the trainers and keeping them in the mouth involves a muscle contraction, so they develop the muscles, and by increasing the blood flow at the local level, the two maxillary bones (upper and lower) also develop harmoniously. Also, by wearing the device, the patient positions his tongue correctly at the level of the palatal arch (he keeps his tongue in the roof of his mouth). It is also recommended breathing exercises that involve the correct performance of this function, ie the patient goes from an oral (incorrect) to a nasal, correct.
Through all these mentioned aspects, the myofunctional appliance ensures the correct development of the dental arches and the alignment of the teeth, which results in a correct bite, stable in time.


It is an extraoral device with a bow and a cape and aims to guide the slow growth of facial and bone through dental movements in the right direction. The extraoral device transmits the force created by the cranial support to the teeth through an intraoral device (plate, circuit breaker, orthodontic rings) and thus a beneficial influence of the patient's growth potential is obtained. The force is applied to the facial arch by means of elastic elements (elastomeric rings changed every day by the patient).


Delaire mask is a device used in the treatment of patients with reverse bite, more precisely those who have teeth and lower jaw over the upper teeth (mandibular prognathism). The treatment with this device is effective during the growing period, its wearing being necessary both during the day and at night (minimum 14 hours daily).

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