Coronavirus Security Protocols - Clinic 32

The current situation, defined by Corona Virus, meant a series of professional protocols that the entire Family 32 organized and put into practice with the utmost responsibility and care for the patient.

The management structure of the clinic, the medical staff and the support team worked together and with great professionalism they reacted immediately and created the necessary structure for the digital dental treatments to be offered to the patients, as we used to, at the best quality ratio. price and in perfect safety.

Toothache is one of the most unpleasant and excruciating, and the patient's suffering is hampered by the risk that the problems will worsen and involve more treatments and higher costs. The Corona Virus period has highlighted this aspect more than ever. However, the whole Familia 32 did everything possible that both during the quarantine period and after being with each patient: we offered free telephone consultations through the Patient Care number 32 - 0730 32 32 32, we were always prepared with solutions for patients. .

We are 100% ready to support treatments in any area of dentistry with effective results. We are loyal to our principles:
High-performance treatments based on digital technology
Premium raw material
The team of experts from all areas of dentistry
3D investigations and dental laboratory under the same roof
Pain-free and minimally invasive treatments
To all this we have added professional security protocols:

Acquisition of extra equipment: nebulizer, UV lamps, special protective equipment for the team (overalls or waterproof clothes, masks FPP2, FPP3), professional substances for disinfection (oxidic air, Intensive, Mycoside)
Patient triage flow performed outside the clinic, plus circuits with a separate access path and departure path

Also about the changes in dentistry caused by Corona Virus, Dr. Razvan Boberis, Ceo Clinica 32 gave an interview for Pro TV:

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