Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare

2D & 3D Radiology

There are 3 such technologies in Clinics 32. Clinics 32 have radiology departments built under the same roof. They contain all the necessary equipment to perform 2 D as well as 3 D investigations. The benefits offered by our clinic, through the radiology department: reduced time for the patient, few visits to the dentist, a stress-free experience. It is important to mention that thanks to 2D, 3D investigations as well as digital scanning, what we call the virtual patient in the digital age can be achieved. The dental treatment performed in this way is an advanced one with very long-term results. The CTCT CBCT 3D computer is the highest technology currently used in dental radiology that helps the dentist to make an accurate diagnosis, due to the accuracy of the analysis obtained through this state-of-the-art technology. Modern dentistry differs drastically from classical dentistry in the principles and innovations it offers patients, so that treatments can now be performed with digital technologies and state-of-the-art labor without pain, in a short time and with accelerated healing. Everything under one roof!
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare

3D analysis

Use the conical beam and get the whole volume in one turn around the patient's head; 3D dental tomography provides three-dimensional images: axial, sagittal and panoramic of the dental arch; These complex images allow the dentist to accurately visualize, measure, and plan the future treatment plan, excluding potential risks; Radiation dose is calculated according to the need for diagnosis; 100% clear image; Accurate and immediate 100% diagnosis; Three-dimensional complex image.

2D analysis

Use a linear, narrow, fan-shaped beam that obtains an axial section with each rotation. It takes a lot of rotations to get a complete picture of an anatomical section; 2D radiological investigations can be intraoral and extraoral and show only the location of your teeth and the height of the alveolar bone, but do not provide information about the thickness or anatomy of the teeth and alveolar bone; Low radiation dose; Low image clarity; Low accuracy in the treatment plan; Limited two-dimensional image.
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare
The benefits of digital analysis in dental treatments through digital 3D technology, respectively through the 3D CT / CBCT computer, patients will get guaranteed:
• Clear and accurate 3D 100% 3D images regardless of dental condition;
• Short-term treatments with the total elimination of possible complications. With the help of 3D digital dental tomography, the dentist locates exactly the anatomical structures, shape and size of the dental arches, detects abnormal anatomical formations or inserts the implants with maximum precision, through digitally guided surgery techniques;
• Analyzes with a minimum dose of radiation, with up to 80% less radiation than the equipment of the general computed tomography computer;
• The possibility to obtain an accurate, immediate diagnosis and the possibility to reduce the failure of dental treatments by a percentage of up to 100% due to the accuracy of the analyzes performed by this 3D technology;
• The patient's position during the investigation is standing, so he feels comfortable, without any feeling of claustrophobia. Due to this position, the images obtained are accurate. In the case of classic CT, for dental investigations, the patient's head had to be tilted manually to capture the images necessary for the doctor, there being major risks regarding the accuracy of the results;
• Quality assurance.
For patients. Important to know!
• Radiological investigations do not require prior appointment;
• Radiological investigations in our clinic take between 5 and 30 minutes. Results are obtained on the spot;
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare
3D analysis:
Digital intraoral radiographs - Digital extraoral radiographs - 3D / CBCT dental tomography
Digital intraoral radiographs:
1. retroalveolar radiography;
2. Bîte-wing radiography;
3. occlusal radiography;
4. bimaxillary radiological status.
Digital extraoral radiographs:
1. panoramic radiography or OPG
2. Closed mouth ATM joint radiograph
3. ATM joint radiograph open mouth
4. maxillary sinus radiography;
5. Bîte-wing panoramic radiography.
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare
3D / CBCT dental tomography
1. ENDO 5 / 5cm high fidelity 3D tomography, auxiliary root canals, cracks or perforations of the teeth can be seen;
2. 3D mandography of the mandible & mandibular canal, the alveolar nerve is highlighted, implants are designed safely;
3. maxillary 3D tomography & maxillary sinuses, highlight the maxillary sinuses, bone septa or sinus cysts, design implants safely, establish the operation of internal or external sinus lifting;
4. 3D tomography of the maxillary sinuses, a safe diagnosis of maxillary sinusitis is made and the treatment plan is established precisely.

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