Recommendations after dental treatment - wisdom tooth extraction

It is important to keep these recommendations in mind:

Possible symptoms:
Local pain that can last up to 2-3 days;

The swelling worsens in the first 48 hours, after which it returns to normal;
Cheek bruises, if the extraction was harder;
Mild fever the next day (38 degrees);
Difficulty opening and swallowing, which can persist for up to 5-6 days;
Hypoaesthesia or even anesthesia of the lower lip, if the molar has been in contact with or near the mandibular canal;
Vesicles in the corner of the mouth, where the distance was kept.

Epithelial healing occurs in 25-35 days, and complete bone healing in 6-12 months after surgery.

Post-extraction recommendations:
The food in the first 24 hours should be soft, liquid-based and cold (not very cold);
The compresses should be kept for 2 hours and then discarded;
Rinse your mouth the day after the operation with non-alcoholic mouthwash or saline solution;
Administration of analgesics to combat pain (Algocalmin, Ketorol, Paduden);
Applying cold water compresses on the skin in that region to relieve swelling;
After 2-3 days, light mouth opening exercises are done to gradually return to normal opening;
If necessary, take the prescribed antibiotics and return to control after 48 hours;
The threads are removed after 7-10 days.
Post-extractional control is MANDATORY for any signs of unfavorable evolution of the wound (bleeding, pain) in the following days.

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