Recommendations after dental treatment - Dental implant

It is important to keep these recommendations in mind:

  1. I got home. What should I do the first time? In the first hours after surgery, you should keep something cold on your cheek. This will significantly reduce the chances of inflammation (swelling) of the cheek. It is best to put some bags of ice.
  2. Which is better after the operation, to stand upright or to lie down? If you lie down, this will increase the blood pressure in your head. It is better to sit upright in the first hours after surgery. An evening walk will stimulate blood and lymph circulation. You should avoid exertion and exercise for a few days.
  3. What do you advise me about food and drink? Avoid eating and drinking hot or very cold drinks for the first 2 days. Do not eat anything until the effect of local anesthesia passes, otherwise you will bite your cheek without feeling it. You can drink APA.
  4. What should I eat after surgery? You should eat soft foods (cooked vegetables, salads or fish) for 5-7 days, until the wires are removed. Consumption of sticky (floury) or hard foods can cause inflammation of the area and opening the operation by breaking the sutures.
  5. Can my coffee hurt after surgery? Hot coffee can cause post-operative bleeding or problems with healing. The same thing happens with black tea, sour drinks, alcohol and nicotine. These should be avoided for the first 5-7 days after surgery. You can drink coffee or tea at room temperature.

6. Can I chew on the side with the operation? You should always chew on the opposite side of the operation as long as the wound is not completely healed. Always rinse your mouth with salt water, warm water, or saline after every meal. 

7. When can I brush my teeth again? You can resume brushing your teeth from the very first day of surgery. Do not delay brushing even one day after surgery to prevent the formation of bacterial plaque that could cause gum inflammation. The operated area must also be cleaned, but with a soft surgical or ultrasoft toothbrush (DO NOT use an electric toothbrush or mouthwash in this area).

8. Will it hurt after the anesthesia effect passes? Pain may occur depending on the number of implants inserted. Pain can be combated with pain medication. On the first night, it is best to sleep with your head slightly raised.

9. How sensitive is the wound, will it bleed after the suture? Sensitivity will decrease from day to day. To prevent inflammation of the wound, avoid touching it with your tongue or fingers. It is normal for small traces of blood to appear after surgery. If the wound starts to bleed heavily after a few hours or days, you should consult your doctor without delay.

10. When will the sutures be removed? What happens after the wires have been removed? The sutures are removed in 7-10 days after the implant is inserted. The doctor decides this. The gum heals completely and you have to wait for 2-6 months until the implant will integrate. After the integration period, a gingival conformer will be placed, then the final tooth will be made.

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