At CLINICA 32 we will take care of all 32 teeth so you can STILL SMILE! You will receive complete services, with the best equipment, radiology and quality materials, all at a price that benefits you. We offer the full range of dental services, from a simple filling for children, to whitening with a dental lamp, to sinus lifting operations, bone additions, cystectomies or dental implant insertions. Below you can find the main medical services that Clinica 32 offers.

Dental implant

The personalized 100% digital dental implant, One day Implant, All on 4 & All on 6 or The cut-free dental implant are the most appreciated and safe advanced digital crafts. In classical dentistry, patients were doomed not to have fixed teeth and a quality of life. Currently, we offer a safe result regardless of the severity of the situation.
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare


The Hollywood smile is possible. Digital technology and advanced materials offer the patient the opportunity to obtain natural, personalized 100% teeth. The treatments are performed with the involvement of the latest techniques Digital Smile Design, Virtual Patient, Mock up.
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare

Oral surgery

Surgical treatments are also performed based on digital technology. The patient benefits from the digital dental principles: minimally invasive, accelerated healing, without pain. The trauma to which the patient was subjected in traditional dentistry is substantially reduced or even canceled.
Clinica 32 București Implanturi Dentare


Orthodontic treatments for children and adults are performed with a multidisciplinary approach. The most advanced bracket systems are used that can remove surgical procedures and substantially reduce treatment time. Due to the digital evolution, the patient benefits from a comfortable and predictable treatment until the end.
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Dental laboratory

The dental laboratory is 100% equipped with state-of-the-art technology involving 3D printers, milling machines and scanners. The patient obtains superior dental treatment by involving the technician in the treatment plan and results.
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2D and 3D radiology

32 clinics have incorporated radiology departments that support 2D and 3D investigations. Thus, the team of specialists works on the basis of digital diagnosis with treatment plan with multidisciplinary approach. Treatments may involve the concept of a virtual patient that guarantees the results of advanced treatments.
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Children's treatments

Team 32 includes specialists with experience in performing dental treatments for young patients. They master special treatment techniques for children that require coordination of work in a short time, without pain and in a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.
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The treatment of periodontal diseases in Clinic 32 is systematic and 100% predictable because we always start from an accurate diagnosis, a diagnosis in which we detect the factors favoring the disease and the determining factor which we then keep under control. We use state-of-the-art technologies in the decontamination phase as well as in the guided tissue regeneration stages, which makes the interventions efficient and predictable.
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