Orthodontic treatment influences facial features

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Orthodontic treatment influences a patient's facial features, but this influence varies depending on several factors.
If we start orthodontic treatment during the period in which we can influence the patient's growth and development, its effects are far-reaching, the changes being significant in the direction of harmonizing the patient's facial profile.
However, even if the patient's growth period is over, the orthodontic treatment can influence the facial features by changing the inclination of the teeth, the projection of the lips, the perioral grooves and the chin. For example, in the case of a patient who has very prominent lips, which sometimes cannot be closed without making an effort (orange peel effect of the perioral structures) - through orthodontic treatment, the teeth can be distalized (moving towards the back), and the profile facial is no longer so protruding (pronounced anterior projection).

Sometimes, in order to modify the patient's facial features, if the gaps between the bone bases are large, the orthodontic treatment must be completed by orthognathic surgery in order to have a result that meets all the norms of aesthetics. However, surgical cases with severe overcrowding, severe open occlusions or abnormal tooth inclinations can be compensated dentally, and by correcting the tooth axes the projection of the soft parts is improved.

Therefore, orthodontic treatment can change facial features, especially if it is performed during the patient's growth period. Then we can make the most changes, and they are stable over time, the patient acquiring the facial features they dream of.

Article made by Dr. Ingrid Bădulescu – Specialist in orthodontics and dento-facial orthopedics

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