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clinica 32 Periodontitis treatment

Do you wish to prevent periodontitis?

32 Clinic awaits you with a wide range of services, with a team of specialists surgeons, in a pleasant and very sterilised environment.

The scaling is a prophylactic treatment that removes tartar (hard and sticky deposits) and plaque (soft deposits that form on the tooth). After the scaling, a polish is required in order to remove the harshness of the surfaces. The air-flow is a modern teeth sanitation procedure that removes tooth plaque and stains caused by food, tobacco, coffee, drinks. With air-flow the hard to reach are cleaned, giving a feeling of freshness. For a complete cleaning, air-flow is recommended in combination with scaling and professional brushing, being necessary to repeat them every 6 months.To be aware of everything that is new in the dental field, Clinic 32 invests in technology and equipment. As a consequence, the visits to the dentist become increasingly shorter, the treatment time for each patient is smaller, and the results are the best each time. The Air-Flow Perio that is now in our possession will make periodontitis just an old souvenir.

Periodontal cleaning leeds to periodontal treatment and involves the following steps:

  • supragingival scaling is done, during witch the tartar above the gum deposits are removed
  • periodontal cleaning is done, during witch the subgingival plaques removed, with anaesthesia
  • air-flow is done, during which the supragingival teeth are polished
  • perio-flow is done, during which the subgingival teeth are polished
  • if there are any periodontal pockets left and the gums are still bleeding, a flap surgery and bone addition will be done
  • to preserve the obtained result, the incorrect work should be changed, the bite must be kept balanced and a good oral hygiene should be maintained. In this respect, the scaling and air-flow will be made at 3 months after the treatment.

It is an invasive surgical procedure used to treat advanced periodontal disease. Flap surgery is done when there are deep periodontal pockets filled with pus that needs to be cleaned. If the situation allows, bone material can be added in order to restore the lost bone support.

Flap surgery is done in case of peri-implant diseases (infection of the bone around the implant).

Gum graft, also called soft tissue graft, is a periodontal procedure, used to cover teeth’ roots discovered after gingival retraction.

AThis procedure reduces the effects of future gingival retraction, reduces bone loss, prevents the tooth root from caries. Following the procedure gum graft the root is covered 90%.

The surgery lasts an hour, and the stitches are removed after a week.

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