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clinica 32 Ultrasonic surgery


 Ultrasonic Piezosurgery is the most modern and less traumatic technique that is based on the ultrasound action using a special dental woodpecker.


  • Bone addition - External sinus lift
  • Expanding the supply of bone-technique "bone split"
  • Extraction of wisdom teeth
  • Treatment of periodontitis by root teeth planing and polishing
  • Apical resection with retrograde obturation channel
  • Maxillary cyst removal


  • Extraction is done very quickly, painlessly, without pressure, without force from the surgeon.
  • The after surgery edema (the swell) is greatly reduced.
  • The trauma is minimal, healing is faster, The ultrasound does not harm the soft tissue (gums).
  • No more pain after the surgery.

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